Amit Agarwal, Executive Vice President– Edelweiss

We are pleasantly surprised by the organized approach, well laid-out content and an effective presentation by you. We have received a great response internally and the team is happy to have been involved in the experience.We believe that your suggestions will be absorbed by our young team and will help them immensely in their work life.

AbhijitSanzgiri,Partner – A.P. Sanzgiri & Co.

The experience of doing a personal coaching course with Silhouette was great. I feel more confident about myself in handling various situations especially how I dress up & communicate with more awareness about others and myself. Yukti was friendly & put me at ease and there was no feeling of shyness & awkwardness that helped me to open up. This course will definitely make me more balanced & structured in life. Great I did the course.

Pratyush Singh, Head-Sales, CRM and Marketing, KHemani Group

Silhouette’s workshop has been a good insight on style and etiquettes for me and my team. Ms Yukti and her team had tailor-made the workshop for us with her vast experience and understanding on the subject. Lots of vital aspects were covered with practical day to day situations. It helped all of us to invest for that impression we always want to make on our clients. Special thanks to her for making us confident when we present ourselves to others and try to improve on regular basis.

Namrata Singh, Founder CEO, Dark Horse

Yukti is an inspiring trainer and her content is unique and deep. She makes you believe that anything is possible. The workshop has the capacity to make you operate from your heart and your true self.

Dipali Kane, Supervising Producer, Sony Pictures Networks

The workshop was an eye opener for me. There are so many things that I didn’t know. It made me aware of who I am, what is meant for me and what can look good on me. It has made me realise that how I carry myself can change things for me and for the outside world.

Hemangi Tandon, Associate Creative Director, Labradog

I do justice to my profession now. I dress like a designer and I am able to make my mark. Thanks for telling me about signature style.

Ruchika Bhojwani, Professional Make-up artist

Silhouette workshops are extremely informative. It helped me believe that you can look stylish and confident at every moment of your life. Your well presented image can create magic wherever you go. Just meeting and listening to Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta is a huge inspiration in itself. She is an absolute dose of power and confidence that gets rubbed on to you. I recommend Silhouette workshops to each and everyone who wants to make a difference to the world with their presence and style.

Gaurang Shah, Graphic and UI designer, Servify

For me, it wasn’t less than having a makeover. I have never given such importance on how I should look or what should I wear. This workshop gives you a different perspective towards yourself, to understand what is good for you and what looks good on you. Whatever I learnt at the workshop, I applied it in my life and I have got many compliments.

Chaitanya, Lawyer

Silhouette is about enhancing your own original style not to impress others but to love yourself. Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.

Anand Kriplani, Co-founder, Shivlon

Thanks Silhouette for getting across the idea of standing-out in the crowd and standing out of the crowd.

Jackson Lakra, Entrepreneur

I always knew the dos in a business environment but I didn’t know the don’ts. That’s something new I learnt. Silhouette has changed many old and strong perceptions about my personality.

Vaishali Fulsundar, CEO, The Virtual Company

The workshop has completely changed my attitude towards grooming and styling myself. I realised that it’s such an integral part of who I am and can’t afford to ignore it anymore. The transformation has stayed with me till date and has helped me deliver what I need to deliver with confidence and style.

Cherry Khemka, Program Manager, Ekam Foundation

I will truly recommend everyone to do this workshop with Yukti. Thank you Yukti for making me beautiful.

Rishi Bhojwani, Founder, GNS Jewels

I felt that grooming was only for ladies, but now I understood that men can also groom themselves. Physical appearance is something that actually matters in the world outside. So by just touching up with the beautiful techniques and insights given by Yukti, we will definitely nail it. It has helped me in my business and personally, to boost my self-confidence.

Ajay Shankar, Actor & Teacher

I took grooming for granted. I learnt that you can be yourself while fitting in, which makes a lot of difference.

Karuna, Mother & Professional

Body postures, body shapes and so much more Yukti’s workshop has been exciting and shown me how I can be a leader in my life.

Priyanka Khatri, Assistant Manager, Kotak

Silhouette hashelped me discover my own strengths and how I can be confident in myown skin and carry myself with grace. I am more open toexperimentation now. Yukti is a fabulous mentor. Very easy to connectwith and super-fun 🙂