My goal is to hone and bring out the best of you so you can get the best of everything you want.
If you are an established corporate, or preparing to be a successful entrepreneur, or you are an aspiring professional, my offerings can become your steps to attaining highest levels of performance and enjoying the highest quality of life.


Make every move the winning one. My workshops help you unveil the finer aspects of your personality. They bring about holistic change in the way you carry yourself in your professional space. Tailored to different needs, each has something just right for everyone. Choose yours:

Polishing Professional Image

Learn powerful body postures that can hold you in a stronger position in a meeting, importance of dressing, voice and lot more.

  • Handshake
  • Eye contact
  • Interpreting & improving body language for your success
  • Poise, posture & gait, personality indicators
  • Power dressing
  • Accessorise to accentuate your physical appearance
  • Professional attire
  • Industry attire expectations
  • Business casual versus recreational casual dress
  • Make positive impressions with clients
  • Business etiquette

Word it Well

A unique communication skills workshop to keep you on top of your game, it ranges from conversing to listening to public speaking.

  • Proper introductions
  • Conversation skills
  • Listening skills
  • Voice modulation
  • Business card etiquette
  • E-mail etiquette
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Thank you notes
  • Public speaking

Sense of Styling

Discover your own style attuned to the environment you are in. Dress to your body shape and accentuate your unique self.

  • Importance and meaning of style (appropriate to the environment)
  • Conduct business with a professional demeanor
  • Discover your own unique style
  • Dressing appropriately for your body shape
  • Basic rules, protocol and conventions of styling
  • How to enhance your personality with styling
  • Using colors to accentuate your unique self

Leadership Etiquette

Calling Senior Corporate Executives to strengthen cross-culture etiquette, communication skills, team management and more!

  • Cross cultural greeting etiquette
  • Cross cultural dining etiquette
  • Public speaking
  • Personality development through body language
  • Body posture for successful leaders
  • Effective communication skills
  • Team management
  • Power dressing

Grooming to Perfection

Welcome grooming into your life, stay courteous, project a positive attitude and shine bright amidst the crowd for your grace.

  • Greeting people
  • Acts of kindness and respect
  • Courteous treatment of guests
  • Projecting a positive attitude
  • When to sit or stand
  • How to walk, sit and stand with confidence
  • Professional makeup for daily use; hair styling for men
  • Body care

Bon Appetit

From taking a client out to dine, to enjoying 7-course meals, learn the right dining etiquette that will never let you down in a professional setting.

  • American and continental styles of dining
  • How to enjoy a 3 course, 5 course and 7 course meal
  • Napkin know-how
  • Eating various foods
  • Place settings
  • Proper seating
  • Taking a client to dine
  • Toasting
  • How to be a good host
  • Wine tasting

Add ‘I’ in your Interviews

Land up thoroughly-prepared for your interview, know the aspects that matter, play up who you are and ace the job you always wanted to.

  • Writing an effective resume
  • Right attire for the right impression
  • Interview preparation
  • How to handle behavioural interviews
  • How to handle common interview questions
  • Mock interviews
  • Phone interview etiquette
  • Following up after job interviews

Health & Wellness

Co-created with professionals, this unique module is as inspiring and in-depth. It focuses on feeling awesome with who we are, as we are.

  • Stress-relief through Meditations
  • Makeup tips for attaining a fresh & professional look
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Counseling on skin & hair care treatments


You can choose to attend any of my workshops which I typically offer in two simple formats:

Personal coaching:In this one-on-one training, you and I work together to cover modules specific to your life and work. It is based on an assessment process and mutual agreement. There is a lot to look forward to such as periodic interactions, follow up on tasks and sessions with Industry experts such as:

  • Nutritionists
  • Shopping escorts
  • Stylists
  • Psychometric analysis
  • Professional makeup artists
  • Clinical counselling for skin & hair treatment
  • Reiki healing sessions
    …and more, basis what you need.

In a nutshell, it’s a joyride!

Duration: 4-8 weeks; depending upon the assessment and requirement.

Group coaching: This is an exciting format where I tap the collective energy of groups through team-based workshops. I conduct these for executives across levels covering various modules basis organisation’s brief. Bring on the fun!

Duration: 1 – 2 days; 6 – 8 hours per day





Aspiring Models




Whether you want to stand out as a professional, or cut a fine figure as a model, or simply stand out for who you are an impressive personality is your greatest weapon. My workshops prep you up for the face-off:

  • Flaunt the finest features of your personality and create an impact with your performance.
  • Recognise your true potential and be your best at work and in life.
  • Pick up sharper communication skills, present with confidence and strengthen your interpersonal relationships.
  • Learn business, social and dining etiquette, the art of hosting events and more.

Walk up to every opportunity of life with a striking charisma, oodles of self-esteem and positive body language, and the world will look up to you.

– These workshop names and content are intellectual property of Silhouette By Yukti. Any person is prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, and/or using it other than our registered facilitator.
-We have numerous sessions which we customise & vary according to the specific requirement of the Organisation.
-We also provide fashion portfolio, styling and makeup references for aspiring models.